Sunday, January 17, 2010

Word for the Year

In his book, Walking with God, John Eldredge, titles a section, The Power of the Right Word. Here he mentions choosing a word for the year, "I was asking God this morning what His word for the new year was [for me], if He wanted to say anything about that, set a sort of theme for this year..."
How cool is that? John the author—my new bff even if though he doesn't know it—does this word for year thing too. Great minds...
Your own selection process and your resulting word for the year has the potential to influence your mindset for an entire year. One word can keep you alert to each day where you can create it, discover it or resist that which threatens it. “Maybe it’s even at the heart of the life [you] want to live, the source out of which all else flows.” says Eldredge of the right word. 

Silly me thought I heard the whisper of a word…that frankly has me digging in my heels.

C’mon…..really, God? You know me, I’m SO NOT radical in any way, shape or form. And I don't prefer to be radical either. I must have misunderstood. Maybe Jackson (pictured above) and I were given the same word. Ravenous….radical, they kinda sound alike, right? Oh yeh, Jack and I could easily do ravenous.
No, Julie, your word is
And Jackson’s mom assures me that 2010 is already manifesting
ravenous as Jack yearns to eat, learn and scale everything!
Sooo, I'm ever so slightly challenging my color-inside-the-lines, play-by-the-rules familiar approach. Recently I came across the term "outrageous compassion". Outrageous….radical, they mean the same thing to me. Maybe, just possibly, I could kind of begin to imagine something like
radical compassion, or radical love, or radical personal growth during 2010. Whoa….radical.

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