Saturday, September 25, 2010

Call to Grow

Letting loose—as in bathing suit audacity, launching the last child, and unleashed insecurities—is certainly loss but freedom too. There’s freedom in releasing the fears and insecurities that constrain dreams and desires. Letting loose breaks through those limitations. BIG is now a possibility with Call to Grow. Call to Grow invites all the people like me—you know, hesitant and inhibited—to tackle obstacles by taking the next step. And with each step, we remain on the alert for God’s involvement in our everyday lives. Here’s how Call to Grow works–
  • 1 word – Choose one word that encompasses your focus for this season of growth
  • 2sday – Call in each Tuesday anytime during a 2-hour time span.
  • 3 questions – Answer 3 awareness, accountability questions each week; your responses are   documented in your private online growth journal.
  • 4 weeks – Commit to a 4-week Season of Growth. (They say it takes an average of 30 days to change or create a habit.
  • 5 minutes – Set aside as little as 5 minutes each week to call in or linger longer on the group call listening to the progress from fellow Growers.

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Lesley Van Voorhees said...

Wow, brought me to tears. Thanks for sharing about your experience, thoughts, feelings, after leaving Aus off at college.