Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Things change

A few days ago, the storm that brought much needed water to Southern California also swept away the beach sand where I often wogged.  (That’s walking with an occasional jog.) Left exposed were jagged bedrock monoliths wedged upon one another. No more space to wog easily and sadly, no more glass bits to be discovered; it was all swept out to sea.

The next day I donned my wog shoes deciding to brave slippery, sharp rocks, tangly kelp and dead sea slugs. With ear buds in and audio TED Talks loaded to synch to the rhythm of the waves, I walked…then jogged…then walked, then…found a piece of sea glass. They had not all been swept away after all.
My afternoon’s collection was overwhelming.
Oftentimes, sea glass signifies so much more than broken bits and fragments to me.

They benefit from the riches of the sea
and the hidden treasures in the sand. Deut 33:19b

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